Final Fantasy X-2 will be included with the Final Fantasy X HD remaster for the PS3


Sony and Square Enix shocked and excited fans earlier this morning with the reveal that the PS3 edition of Final Fantasy X HD will also include the HD remaster of Final Fantasy X-2, and both games will be including the content from their “international” editions. Which most of that content has never seen the light of day outside of Japan until now.

There is one catch however, that being the PSVita edition will have each game being sold separately.

While Final Fantasy x-2 did have some widely mixed reactions from fans, most who played and did finish the game will admit that it did give one of those most satisfying conclusions possible for the characters of Tidus and Yuna.
The best news of this whole report is, Japanese Magazine Shonen Jump has reported that both remasters are going to be released later this year in 2013, and with Square Enix’s recent track record of releasing the USA Localized versions of their games only months after the Japanese release, its likely that we may even see this game hitting Stateside by Holiday 2013.

However, while still no official release date on the games release, many are speculating that more definite news will be given at the upcoming GDC (Game Developers Conferences) next week, if not then we should be expecting something at E3 of this year, which Square Enix has already promised would be “exciting” for them this year.