Where was War Machine during The Avengers? A new prelude comic explains..


Like many of you, I for one had a simple question while I was watching The Avengers, which was simply, “Where the heck is War Machine?”


For the longest time, nobody seemed to have the answers. While sure its true that the character was left a little open ended in IRON MAN 2, which left many to safely assume that he was doing something for the US Air Force at the time, but what surprised a lot of people was how simply nobody would answer the question. Joss Whedon, Robert Downey Jr, and even Don Cheadle all seemed to dodge the question of where War Machine actually was.

But now we finally have the answer. Thanks to the Iron Man 3 Prelude comic book, which was recently released, it had revealed that during the Chitari attack on New York, Tony actually attempted to call War Machine for assistance, but War Machine was actually in Asia on a mission of sorts. And while the actual Chitari invasion only lasted less than an hour, Tony declined to have War Machine abandon his mission and come to aid.

Well there you have it. Now we know where he was, and hopefully its further explained in the upcoming IRON MAN 3, or at the very least his “mission”  has some sort of plot significance.