Some caterpillars for you

If the symbiote crashed to earth and melded with a caterpillar instead of spiderman, this is exactly what it would look like. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened and this is an actual  not even a little alien-caterpillar roaming about. This bad boy is called a Brahmin-moth caterpillar.

Next on our list we have the Puss Moth Caterpillar. Not to be confused with the North American puss moth, which is completely covered in venomous fur, this is the European puss.

Here we have the Flannel Moth Caterpillar. While this looks like something you want to go and hold and probably pet, you shouldn’t, for their fur is actual quite toxic and can range from a mild itch to “go seek medical attention immediately”!

This little beauty is called the Translucent Jewel Caterpillar. Not only is this quite a stunning little guy, it’s body has a gelatinous form that actually make it quite undesirable for smaller prey to feed upon it and all it’s luminous glory.

Now you shall feast your eyes upon the most bad ass caterpillar ever. The Death’s Head Hawk Moth. If rock and roll was a caterpillar, this would be it. When this tiny rocker grows up and becomes a moth, it emits a tiny shriek and flashes it’s abdomen to detour predators. Just look at this beast!