Andrew Kreisberg talks The BOOSTER GOLD TV Show

Well now, who doesn’t love an egotistical showboating man from the future these days? Booster Gold, a long time member of the justice league, will finally be getting his very own show. Andrew Kreisberg has announced that while he has been a bit busy with Arrow, he will finally be working on a pilot for Booster Gold a few weeks before Christmas, which I guess would be about now. Here’s what Mr. K had to say about the matter:

“I got a little waylaid by Arrow. Booster Gold is going in the next couple weeks before Christmas. We’ll see what happens from there. It’s such a different project even though they’re both DC Comics properties. Booster is much more candy and popcorn, being about time travel and changing the future and being a superhero who can fly. But they’re both super-fun projects. As a lifelong DC Comics fan, I am beyond blessed to be working on these projects with all these amazing characters.”

For those of you unfamiliar with this long time glory seeker, Mr. Gold, I shall fill you in. Way into the 25th century, a poor man by the name of Michael Jon Carter resides in Gotham city. With the bad rep as a swindler, Carter takes a night watchmen job at the Metropolis Space Museum working along side a security bot named Skeets. While working here, Carter steals some advanced machinery belonging to past heroes and travels back to the 20th century using Rip Hunter’s time machine. Once in present time, Carter then uses his knowledge of future occurrences to his favor and uses newly acquired superpowerd relics to stage elaborate acts of heroism to fool the masses and make an easy buck. Now of course as the season progresses, we not only get plenty of Gold’s shenanagens, but character growth and plot twists as to how this fool of a man becomes a highly functioning member of the prestigious justice league.

There haven’t been any casting decisions whatsoever,  but in a perfect world, my vote would go to Mr. Chris Pine. If there’s one actor smooth enough to pull off such a cocky swagger, It’s this guy. Pine takes the role as shameless flatterer to epic hero all to perfectly in my opinion.  Unfortunately for me, casting Pine into this role is definitely a long shot. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of surprises Kriesberg has in store for us at a later time.