The Coolest Assassin’s Creed III inspired coat I have ever seen

Assassins’ Creed III has been pretty much center stage in the lives of the Staff here at Waking Ideas. The game came out earlier this passed week, and since then its been pretty much the only game we’ve all been playing. So naturally with all that attention, we’ve found some pretty cool stuff online that seems to be right in the middle of our focus.

Then I stumbled upon this jacket. Unlike the wonderful game recreations that UBIWorkshop has made over the years (I have bought several shirts and even the Desmond Miles jacket from them), this jacket comes from a private designer.

Volante Design.

Upon first seeing this jacket, I looked further into their site and discovered that not only does this amazing Assassins’ Creed III inspired jacket come from them (and is for sale on their site) but they have sported designs and creations to several others, which I can easily say may be even cooler than this one.

However, this one in particular seems to be the focus of my attention right now.

The only catch, because of its quality and the nature of its creation (privately made and sold) it had cost $345 USD, but now the coast seems to be sold out due to its popularity.

The site does mention that the coat may come back into production and to keep an eye on it and check in from time to time, which is pretty much what I’m going to do cause I would very much sport this jacket if i could buy it.