New changes for the Waking Ideas Review Process

Hi everyone, Taylor here. For a long time we have been doing our reviews in a very simple way. Now, we are making some changes.

Previously I had been doing the majority of the reviews, and when it came to videogames, they were mostly PS3 oriented. Mainly this comes from my unnatural bias towards Sony and my extreme dissatisfaction towards Microsoft (many would call it an unhealthy loathing, but that’s another conversation for another day).

Now we have Amanda, who now even has an official title here on our site “CONTRIBUTING FEATURES WRITER”. Which is pretty cool cause as she says, “it makes [her] legit”. Who like me, is a huge nerd and loves pretty much the same things I do. But, the biggest difference is our opposite stances on this. She pretty much doesn’t like Sony, and is what I refer to as an “annoying Xbox fangirl”. Which my teasing aside, is not a bad thing at all.

So what does this mean for you, the readers?

It means  you will now be getting more complete reviews. If the game is dual console (PS3/Xbox 360) you will now be getting two reviews for the game game, but for each console edition.

And now when it comes to movies, multiple reviews can exist as well. We may have each staff member write up their own review for the big movies (our review for The Dark Knight Rises ended up getting 3 reviews in total), or they can be reviewed in one article with multiple stances and opinions.

Also, the girly movies that I wouldn’t be caught dead seeing, Amanda can do.

See everyone, its a win win. I can still be a man, and the newly added girl to our staff can do the stuff  and review the movies Danny and I would never see. Natural order I think.

So Everyone, stay tuned. The new changes are going to be made starting today.  And tell us what you think when they roll out, we love ourselves some feedback and we are not above change (those qualities got me married, so apparently they are good to have).

But what some would say our biggest addition is, we are going to be using a ton more guest writers. In the past, we have had people come in from time to time and post little things here and there, which is pretty much what I was doing for a few years until I decided to buckle down and really get to work. So now we can post a vast majority of new things, from entirely new people and perspectives.

Which in the end, works out best for you, the readers. So as I said before, Stay tuned.