My, My! Check out the Tomb Raider collectors edition

Well now, for only $100, you can pre-order the collectors edition of the newest installment of the Tomb raider franchise. For once, you get a speicial edition package that isn’t just a 2-XL shirt and an art book!

Included in this survival tin, you get the game’s soundtrack, a 15-by-19 inch reversible map, some iron on badges, a beautiful 8-inch Laura Croft statue with interchangeable hands, as well as the weapons pack DLC. Live in Europe you say? Well fans, your special edition includes a waterproof pack with survival goodies as well as the for-mentioned Art book, and we all know how much everyone wants to just see concept art of Miss Croft in all her glory.

You can pre-order this bad boy through Steam , so get to it before it’s release date of March 5, 2013!