And here we have 007: Skyfall’s mad earnings

Skyfall is the 23rd Bond flick to come to the screen in just about 50 years. The reviews are very positive and attendance isn’t going to slowdown anytime soon. Domestically, the film has made 88.4 million opening weekend, which is a record for Ian Fleming’s super spy extraordinaire.  So far this year, only 3 films have ranked higher, being The Avengers, The Dark Knight rises, and The hunger games. Quite impressive I say. After the Quantum of Solace getting very negative feedback, I wouldn’t have assumed such high attendance opening weekend. Even more impressive, oversees the movie has totaled now $428.6 Million. Keep in Mind, it came out about 2 weeks earlier than here, but still, It’s actually about a day away from passing Casino Royale, which used to be the highest grossing Bond movie over seas, which totaled to $431 Mill.

Being released in 3,505 theaters world wide and making a total of $518,375,252 is a pretty nice weekend I’d say, especially since it cost somewhere between $150-$200 million US dollars to make.

Be sure to catch this movie in theaters, it’s a fun film with plenty of references to previous Bond films, loads of classic spy action, and an outstanding cast including Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem, and of course, my future husband Daniel Craig.