A writer for Episode 7 has been chosen

Little  miss sunshine, Hunger games: catching fire, and Toy story 3. What do all of these things have in common? Well, they were all written by Michael Arndt. With the second installment on the hunger games franchise in production as well as the a new yet to be titled Pixar film under his belt, you would think that this man has a lot on his plate at the moment. Well folks, not yet. Mr. Arndt has been confirmed to write the screenplay for Star wars episode: VII.

Before Mr. Arndt became a writer for these award winning pieces, He was actually an assistant for Matthew Broderick. He left that fabulous job to write little Miss sunshine. From there, he has only written gold. Let’s hope that streak continues. I could only imagine that writing a new tale for millions of hardcore fans could be a terrifying and tedious task that one will lose hours and weeks of sleep over. So i wish all of the luck upon you Mr. Arndt. Yikes.

To get this gig, Arndt wrote a 40-50 page treatment tying the Star wars universe together. Down at Sky walker ranch, the gents found his work to be exactly what they were looking for and signed the man on. Not only is he a great writer, he has been described as a huge star wars nerd. One should be for this part, but with Hollywood, I don’t understand how half the screenwriters get the jobs they get. This one I feel was a good choice.

A director has not been chosen just yet, however Brad Bird and Matthew Vaughn have been super rumored. Now Bird, director of such wonders as The Incredibles, The Iron giant, and MI: 4 would be a fun choice, but I don’t think he has anything to really bring to the table. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed his films, but there’s nothing that screams Sci-fi epic to me. Vaughn however, yes please. He has a wonderful and unique filming style i think could make this movie stand apart in a very forward direction. Films like X-men: first class, kick-ass, and layer cake have absolutely put my faith in him.  Once again, these are only rumors.

For all of you Sucker-punch fans out there, sorry to report, Zack Snyder has pulled himself out of this great director search saying that it seems like a lot of effort. Now, I haven’t heard of anyone approaching him about this, and I know his name never popped into my mind while pondering dream directors, but I’m sure someone somewhere, is very disappointed in his decision.