Halo: Forward unto Dawn Part 5

Hey there!

We are now going to watch the grand finale to the epic Miniseries that is Halo 4, Forward unto Dawn. Let’s take a watch now.


So I still absolutely love the openings. Sets a great mood for the beginning of Halo 4 and how Cortana is going to play a very confusing role for once.

We now open with a very tense warthog chase. Our heros are now trying to escape from various covenant enemies, and doing a great job sniping while on the go. Something I for sure admire as my sniping skill are pure suck. 

We see the fall of the brave cadet Chyler. While I personally didn’t feel emotionally attached, Tom (Lasky) had a chance to break his nervous composure and put on a great performance. Since we didn’t get a good feel for anyone other than Lasky, the deaths and tradegy didn’t hit as hard as it should. You do however get the point that her death played a big part is Lasky’s growth from there on out.

“We are being hunted” Now, when I heard that, I thought there was no way we were going to see exactly what we saw. A full on hunter? Yes. I’m guessing that is where a big part of the budget went, making that monster and making it look as epic as it so rightfully deserved. Now Lasky’s decoy plan seemed a little silly to me, being as no one really acted on it until he fired 2 shots, and I didn’t see exactly how It was terribly distracted. It managed to pummel the chief something fierce. When he regained his composure, the fight did not disappoint. Chief jumping on that hulking mess was hitting me with all kinds of nostalgia and excitement from when I was once a young spartan in Halo 3 wondering how the hell do I kill whatever this is. He made it look so easy. The Hunters used to be terribly intimidating and if there was a way I could run past their heavily armored bad-assery, I did not hesitate to do so. That’s the Chief for you though, couldn’t have hoped for anything more from that scene. Just wonderful.

Finally, we get to see some more Spartans, and for some reason their faces. I liked that they looked altered, and especially glad that Master chief kept his helmet on. We even get to witness Spartan Kelly having some kind of a girl power moment with Cadet Orenski, or at least that’s what I got from that subtle nod. The whole pelican scene had a hopeful kind of feel to it, even with the recent horrific invasion that destroyed the Corbullo Academy.

We wrap it up realizing that these were fond memories of our now decorated officer Lasky. Still clutching to his late friend’s dog tags, he has really made a real UNsC soldier out of a scared and unsure boy, witch a tragic past. And has somehow became immune to Cytoprethelene.

Overall, I was impressed with the series as a whole. Separately, not so much. For what it was, it was well made and everything looked authentic. With this particular game, I feel it’s very hard to make fans happy while trying to stay in a budget, and for me, this worked. The story line isn’t something I would have went for, but I didn’t mind how it turned out. As for a promo leading up to the long awaited game, job well done folks. Best. Promo. Ever. And now we must wait patiently. prepare yourselves my friends, for in less than 4 days, we shall continue the fight. See you all on the battlefield.