A Splinter Cell movie!? Yes please

There are a lot of great guys in the world. One in particular comes to mind for me though, he’s handsome, rugged, athletic, and has the voice of a God. Jealous much? Though you would be. His name is Sam Fisher. The ex third echelon super spy with striking green eyes and such mystery that would make any girl swoon. Anyways.. enough day dreaming…

So where I’m going with all of this is that one of my favorite game franchises is getting it’s own movie! Now I know the track record of video game movies is quite terrible, but lets hope this one takes a different route. Not much has been revealed about this film just yet, just that Eric Singer will be writing the screenplay and Mr. Tom Hardy will be taking on the role as Sam Fisher. Why is there hope here? well Mr. Singer is actually a great writer, and brings very unique elements to his story telling. He hasn’t written much, but what he has, I know I quite enjoyed. 

And I probably don’t really need to explain why Tom is a good fit for Fisher. Do I think Hardy is a bit too young? Sure do! But oh well. He’s a great actor, so I guess. Now let’s just hope the rest of the cast turns up soon and more importantly, a fantastic director. You know, someone not Uwe Boll.