So you like movies and games you say?

I also enjoy these things. So much in fact, that I am going to voice my opinion on these matters and tell you exactly what I think of them. First things first! let me introduce myself.

My name is Amanda. I live in the beautiful state of Washington and I love my cats and orange juice. That sums me up pretty good I’d say. So anyways… I’m here to review movies and games for you! What qualifies me to do so you may ask? Well the answer to that, is absolutely nothing. I do however, like to think I know what I’m talking about! Especially when it comes to these particular topics.

So let’s see here. I’ll write reviews for mostly new releases, unless the release is something not worth writing about, then I may just tell you about something I really like or something YOU want me to review. So how about you guys let me know what you would like and..I shall try my best to make that happen. If it’s a movie I haven’t seen, or a game I have not played, I shall check it out and give you a full report!

Now please.. the things I will be writing, are my own personal opinions. If you don’t agree, oh well! Don’t let my review detour you or make a final decision on a movie or game you were on the fence about. I shall give you my honest opinion, and that’s really all I can promise.

Well, I shall post as soon as I can and hope to keep you all on the edge of your seats with anticipation for what I’m sure will be an awkwardly thorough review! Have a great weekend all!