[ARROW] Batman’s rogue Firefly joins ARROW

Zap2It recently got wind of an upcoming episode of the newly popular TV show ARROW and was able to snag a description for episode 10 of this season.

“Arrow”: In episode 110, Oliver will meet Garfield — a firefighter who was horribly burned three years ago, and never recovered from the trauma. Since then, he’s been abandoned by his wife and kids, and he’s now described as a “bitter, vengeful shell of a man.” Meanwhile, the Starling City Fire Chief is also haunted by Garfield’s injury… since he’s the one who was forced to leave Garfield behind to burn.

For those who don’t get the hidden reference in this description, ‘Garfield‘ is none other than Garfield Lynn a.k.a. Firefly, a semi-popular rouge from the Batman comics.  While the character itself has only appeared in Batman animated series form, with minor references in the Batman Arhkam Asylum and Batman Arkham City videogames.

Its interesting to note that the possibility of this character showing up in full comic attire is pretty high given the shows recent trend of allowing their villains to appear in costume form like Deadshot, Deathstroke, and most recently China White.

With the show being a clear success thus far, its a welcome surprise that the show will indeed be keeping the “villain of the week” trend, and with it, using actual DC Comics Villains.