Halo: Forward unto Dawn Part 4

Last week we left our heroes being invaded by a Covenant attack at the Corbullo UNSC training facility. Let’s watch on and see how this is handled!


Well mah goodness! Cortana seems to be holding it together in this one. Could it be the Forerunners coming for them? Oh boy, I guess we’ll see soon! I really enjoy these openings. It’s exciting to see what’s been happening all this time.

Action and tragedy were definitely not lacking for once. For the first time, I actually felt for other members of the cast as almost everyone was annihilated by the Covenant invasion. The setting was nicely done, the effect the shots played in the foggy and demolished building really set the mood here. The chaos and carnage looked wonderful, the budget was well placed. Watching the Elite go into active camo with the plasma sword, hngh. Chills. Also, the needler: yes. That was one of my all time favorite weapons in 2, watching it used was unexpected and a nice surprise for me.

I could seriously go on with how much I loved the sets and the weapons, but let’s move on the best best part. Master Chief. Oooh man was my heart racing when he comes into what seemed like a hopeless situation. That tall slice of beefcake was played by Daniel Cudmore. Now for some reason, I’ve always been a huge fan of body actors. Rarely do they get credit, though they get to be some of the coolest and most recognizable characters. Now Mr. Cudmore is 6’6″. I’m not sure many others could pull this off, he nailed down the mannerisms we see the chief display in the games and handled what I’m sure was heavy armor extremely well. Seeing him in full Mjolnir get up amongst these tiny cadets was just such a perfect picture. Steve Downes handled the Chiefs voice, as he does in the games, but for some reason it seemed off. Perhaps the format or that it’s been a few years, not entirely sure.  The reactions from the soldiers when seeing the chief really helped set the mood for just how rare and important these Spartans are.

You have to give mad props to the Chief in this episode. For having to put up with the worst cadets ever. I 100% understand that this is a horrible situation, but they didn’t know how to do anything! For being such a merciless hard ass the whole time, squad leader Orenski did not do well under pressure. As for the  UNSC cadets, I would have felt it should have been handled better and without so much panic and confusion. Luckily Master Chief had his pistol in the end or this rescue mission would have been useless. Lets hope our heroes man up before our final installation of Halo 4- Forward unto dawn.

Until next time, have a great weekend!