Halo: Forward unto Dawn Part 2

Welcome back!

We are now moving on to the second installment of the Halo web series. Let’s watch and see if I get my dream of seeing a grunt or two!

Well, no grunts unfortunately, but the opening scene was pretty intriguing. Now from what I read, AI have a life span of about 7 years. Made with Forerunner technology, AI can only hold so much information that if not properly maintained or updated, will ascend  into a type of god-like mentality and will end up going mad. Now the introduction shows the battered ship knows as Forward unto dawn floating around with a sleeping Master chief and a very isolated Cortana, who seems to be going into early stages of  insanity. I am SO excited to see where this is going.

Now unfortunately, that was my high point. So we learn a tiny bit more about our protagonist and his friend, and that they were both driven into this life purely by tragic pasts dealing with their families. We learn a bit more why they joined the UNSC which helps a little, because in the last episode it was unclear and unrealistic as to why they were there. I still have no opinions or feelings for the other cadets still though. Anyways, with his thinking out of the box strategy, Lasky manages to outsmart the opposing team while doing  capture the flag drill. He is finally about to prove he can be a soldier and hopefully will live up to the family name. Unfortunately right before he can get to his goal, he passes out. Well Hopefully it will open something new up, because watching some confused cadets be angry with the life they’ve chosen doesn’t impress me. I was however a little happy with the red and blue teams playing capture the flag, and seeing the radar in their visors. The game type elements really bring this episode to life for me.

So I’m hoping episode 3 will do something to turn this sob story into an epic Halo short. I do still have hope though. I guess we will see. On that note, I would like to bring back the Halo: ODST live action trailer because this masterpiece gives me goosebumps to this day. Gahd it’s beautiful. This should be a movie. Well, you enjoy that and we’ll be back for part 3. Thanks!!