Halo: Forward Unto Dawn Part 1

Good day to you!

Now then, let’s get on to this whole Halo web series shall we? I apologize for reviewing this a weeks after it’s debut, but better late than never right?

Let’s do a little background before we further examine this tasty little Pre-game treat.

The fantastic folks over at 343 studios have decided to get everyone even more pumped for the long awaited Halo 4 by making a 5 part web series. With writers Aaron and Todd Helbing, and Director Stewart Hendler in their corner, you know you can expect the adverse yet legendary tones that are the Halo universe come to life in a live-action mini series. And hey, with a budget of $10 million well, lets hope it looks pretty too.

Let’s take a looksie shall we?

Alrighty! Let’s review what we just saw. If my Halo knowledge is correct, this should be taking place before earth is invaded by the Covenant  and the Chief is floating about space with Cortana. So keep that in mind. First off, I’m definitely a fan of every prop and set we’ve seen here today. From the gear to the UNSC base, everything looked how it did in the games and it all felt natural. I mean, I could see how some of the items in the Halo world just wouldn’t translate into live action, but everything fit just right! Just seeing the UNSC helmets and BR’s was quite exciting for me. While we did see a warthog, I’m hoping we will see more vehicles. Ghosts and banshees, if done right, would just send me over the edge. The overall look is so far extremely promising.

However, I’m not a fan of how young and physically un-intimidating these cadets were. I know this isn’t a Spartan project or anything, but they don’t seem like soldiers at all. The young cadet we are going to be focusing on, Thomas Lasky, looks like a good, relateable guy. You see that both his mother and older brother are successful in this war, and that he is having trouble living up to high expectations set by them. Then we have his friend Chyler Silva. She already has colliding views on the war with Lasky, but some adorable type of camaraderie, which leads me to believe there is a love story developing.

So you don’t really get much from Part 1, just the basic story and what not. I wish there was more interaction with the other characters, but with about 15 minutes, I guess they did with what they could. I’m definitely looking forward to see where everything is going. Especially the set pieces and various weapons. If I get to see just one sticky grenade, I’ll be able to die happy. Well I think that wraps it up! Be sure to tune in next time for Halo 4’s Forward Unto Dawn: Part 2.