Yes, you can buy Nathan Drake’s Gun holster from the Uncharted series

Cosplay for years has been something of a small fan activity, and often highly referred as something only longtime and cult fans seem to do, however, in recent years it seems to have become much more socially acceptable for the masses of society to also participate in. David Vigil, who can easily be credited as a master leather smith, is now officially taking orders here for an item he’s called “UNCHARTED 3: Nathan Drake Inspired Gun Holster“.

While it is indeed very clear that this item is entirely unlicensed by Sony, the item itself is of amazing quality and should actually deserve it if it ever came into question. The item itself however, does come at a very hefty $450 price tag, but for what its worth, and its quality, the item does seem to be very much worth it.

The item description itself reads:

Custom Hand Tooled Leather Gun Holster Inspired by the one worn by Nathan Drake In the Sony PS3 Exclusive UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception. Made custom for you the Fans!

All Metal hardware is custom made to match as closely as possible to the in-game Holsters design. All Leather-work is custom dyed and tooled to match the in-game Holster to its closest detail.

(This design can also be made in Black with Gunmetal colored Hardware!)


This is a Limited Edition Item From Vigilante Leather! Only a few will be made then no more!

Great for doing cosplay of the hero himself or any Die-Hard fans/Collectors of the Uncharted Series!

Also for those of you who think this is just another replica or something pretty to look at GUESS AGAIN!! This Holster not only matches the look of the in-game Holster but can handle most if not all of what Nathan Drake goes through in each game! Each Holster is waterproofed as well as stress tested to handle any obstacle that may come your way!

(Care Instructions will also be included with your Holster)

This UC3 Holster also has 8 adjustable buckles 2 for each strap so you can easily find what size fits you best and most comfortably. Need a custom size? No problem please message me and I will be happy to help!

!!!IMPORTANT!!! During your checkout please send me any specific details you might want as well as color preference.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to message me anytime and I will get back to you as early as possible.

Thanks again for visiting!
Vigilante Leather