Preorder Persona 4: The Golden and get a custom PSVita skin

For years Japan has always seemed to have the edge when it comes to cool aesthetic add ons for their systems, and Persona fans in particular hadrecently had a chance to grab some special PSVita skins for Persona 4: Golden. But luckily, Atlus USA doesn’t feel that Japan should be the only ones getting some of these pre-order goodies, and they are making this available in North America as well.

This time around, If you pre-order Persona 4: Golden from GameStop, EB Games Canada or Amazon, you’ll get the skin to apply to your PlayStation Vita, as well as 8 wallpapers for the PSVITA as well so it cam match. And according to Atlus, this skin wont be leaving any residue on the PSVita’s face if you need to remove it.


Persona 4: The Golden hits US shelves November 20, 2012.