WB wants Ben Affleck to direct ‘The Justice League’ film

Variety/Showblitz has broken the news that Warner Brothers has approached Ben Affleck to helm the upcoming adaptation of DC Comics The Justice League.

According to the article, multiple sources claim that the choice is heavily influenced on the fact that Christopher Nolan has “declared himself out of the running” and because of the commercial success that Affleck had brought the studio with the critically acclaimed film The Town.

Sources indicate that currently Affleck is the only candidate who’s actually been sent Will Beall’s JUSTICE LEAGUE script, which according to reports the GANGSTER SQUAD scribe was hired to write last summer.

For those who don’t know what The Justice League is, basically its DC Comics’ equivalent to Marvel’s The Avengers, however The Justice League features DC Comics most prominent (if not the most popular heroes of both DC & Marvel) such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

Unfortunately there is one hitch, reports state that Affleck has made it very clear that he’s currently only interested in directing films that he may also star in (THE TOWN and ARGO) so its likely that the Actor/Director would want to be one of the main superheroes if he would take the job, which many fans would disagree with at this point. Another hesitation could possibly be that with any involvement in The Justice League would actually take his availability as a director out for a few years.

While many see the news and possibility of Affleck directing The Justice League with mixed feelings the fact of the matter is that The Justice League wont actually be ready until at the very least the summer of 2015, which would actually put it right against Marvel’s AVENGERS 2, which DC/WB might not want to gamble with right now.