Is Ben Affleck directing The Justice League? His reps said no..

While Variety is reporting that WB is looking to get Ben Affleck to direct their adaptation of The Justice League, the site Deadline is reporting that Affleck’s reps are saying its not gonna happen.

While most of the article that Deadline has posted seems to be speculation, they do point out that aside from Chris Nolan, the studio passes all their big picture ideas to David Yates and Ben Affleck, and although its possible that the studio may want Affleck, its also possible that Ben Affleck may not want to do it.

While Deadline is reporting that Affleck’s reps have clearly denied the rumors that he would actually take the job, its still in the realm of possibilities. However, only time will tell whats really going on, that and Affleck’s official word, which I have no doubt will come very soon.