[SPOILERS] Rhys Ifans reveals who It WASN’T In the End-Credits Scene

In an interview with Rhys Ifans over at Ain’t It Cool News the actor has finally confirmed who he thinks that the “Man in the Shadows” (played by Michael Massee) was not (putting an end to a large amount of speculation) and goes on to hint who it could be:

Spoilers follow the break:

*If you do not want key moments of the movie ruined for you, do not read any further.*

Okay, what do you think about that ending?

Well, Connors is basically locked up in a very high-security mental institution.

We were debating whether it was a prison or a mental institute.

It’s not a zoo. [laughs] I kept seeing it as maybe a mixture of both. Then a representative from OsCorp appears miraculously in the room. How he gets in there and how he leaves, we don’t know. Maybe we will find out. But it’s not Norman Osborn.

It’s not? You can say that?

Yeah. But it is someone who is in the employ of Norman Osborn without question.

Someone we’re familiar with, who we don’t know is employed by Osborn?


Okay, Interesting.

Who knows? Maybe he will be the next bad guy; we’ll see.


While it doesn’t confirm who it is, it does help narrow down the possibilities. While the speculation will continue for a while, it is interesting to note even “the Lizard” thinks this character is going to play a big role in the next movie.