[SPOILERS] Marc Webb and Rhys Ifans explain THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’s End-Credits Scene

MTV caught up with both Marc Webb (the director) and Rhys Ifans (The Lizard) and asked just what exactly happened in the scene following the credits in The Amazing Spider-man.


Spoilers follow the break:

*If you do not want key moments of the movie ruined for you, do not read any further.*

As Curt Connors is led into a jail cell, lightening strikes and a mysterious figure appears.

Man in the Shadows: Hello doctor. Did you tell the boy?

Curt Connors: Tell him what?

Man in the Shadows: Did you tell the boy about his father?

Curt Connors: No.

Man in the Shadows: Well, that’s very good, so we’ll let him be…for now.

Curt Connors: You should leave him alone!

And then suddenly with another flash of lightening, he’s gone.



So who was that in the mid-credits scene of The Amazing Spider-Man? According to IMDB it was actor Michael Massee (credited only as “Man in the Shadows“).


Marc Webb, when asked if the shadowy figure at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man is indeed Norman Osborn:

Marc Webb: “There is a silhouette as Peter enters Oscorp on a display, which reads our founder, Norman Osborn. And there is a back-story which I will not reveal. We wanted to convey that there were more forces at work than you may have initially thought. That’s all I can say about that. But I invite speculation. I think it’s very fun and interesting to listen to.”

Webb goes on to say that the shadowy figure may not necessarily be the main villain in the next installment but that he will play a role.


Dr. Connors actor Rhys Ifans on that same end-credits scene:

Rhys Ifans: Connors is sent to an asylum, a high-security asylum, as you would be if you threw police towers across the Brooklyn Bridge. And he’s visited by, shall we say, a representative from Oscorp. How he gets into that cell and how he leaves that cell without the guards knowing? We have yet to find out.”

Ifans goes on to say the he isn’t signed up for more Spider-Man films but and that “nothing is written in stone” but he was happy to see that his character was alive at the end of the film.


While I have indeed seen many theories recently on the internet about the identity of the “shadowy figure”, some ranging from Green Goblin, Mysterio, and even to Richard Parker. And even some actually thinking it was Dr Connors simply speaking himself like he did as the Lizard earlier in the film.  It is indeed interesting to note that this character may not be the next movies villain, but will indeed play a substantial role.