[REVIEW] The Dark Knight Rises – Spoiler Free Edition

Short Spoiler-Free Review:

Many Feel that the only way to properly view and rate this movie, is to compare it the films that came before it. Sometimes that creates an impossible scale to measure from, and most would agree trying to compare it to The Dark Knight, this movie would have had to be pretty special to do it.

And it was.

The Dark Knight Rises did something that seemed almost impossible to do. It didn’t fail.

Many would argue that this movie wouldn’t work, Chris Nolan couldn’t out do himself, and in some aspects he didn’t. But what he did deliver was a worthy conclusion to his Dark Knight Trilogy.

The acting was top notch, Christian Bale offered his best performance as Bruce Wayne/Batman, and Tom Hardy as Bane gave audiences a truly menacing, maniacal, calculating, and… well pure evil villain.

Bottom line, The Dark Knight Rises was a worthwhile conclusion to the story Nolan began with Batman Begins. It set the standard how movie trilogies end, and tied both its predecessors together in a way that gave, what seemed to be an impossible task, Batman’s story an ending.

 The Dark Knight Rises 5/5 – A+

See it in theaters, buy it when it comes out. This movie is a fitting ending and part of a trilogy that deserves to be in everyone’s movie collection.