[SPOILERS]: Will Lucius Fox survive THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?

Recently The Wrap caught up with Morgan Freeman, and while the interview itself touched base a lot on science, religion, and the idea of living forever to see the progress of mankind, they did however manage to get a couple quick questions in about The Dark Knight Rises.


TW: One of the big questions in my little universe: Will your character, Lucius Fox, make it out of the “Dark Knight Rises” alive?

MF: Yeah.

TW: How does it feel to be done with the Batman series?
MF: I don’t see it so much as being done with it. It’s the end of a chapter, that’s all.

While it does seem that the interview does debunk the rumors of Lucius Fox’s death in the movie, it also does seem to subtly hint at this not being the end (and death) of the Batman after all.