Will we be seeing The Mandarin and Iron Patriot in IRON MAN 3?

Turns out we actually might be. Several sites have reported what seems to be a slew of set photos featuring the IRON PATRIOT, a villain that debuted in DARK AVENGERS #1 and was piloted by none other than the Green Goblin Norman Osborne. While obviously a Spider-man villain coming into IRON MAN 3 wouldn’t make sense, especially since the reboot is still in the works for Spider-man and his character has yet to be introduced, it still doesn’t mean the suit cant make its way.

Head over toWWTDD for more set photos.

Then to top it all off, Latino Review has posted what they call “Exclusive Casting news” (which would heavily be some possible spoilers if they are true) that Ben Kingsley will be playing none other than The Mandarin, a villain that was first teased in IRON MAN with the inclusion of the “Ten Rings”, that even though Mandarin will be a villain, but  he  won’t have as big of a role as Aldrich Killian (played by Guy Pearce), who is said to be the primary antagonist of the film.

Killian is the character  who invents “Extremis” and an “Extremis army”, which according to rumors, The Mandarin will be his silent partner and benefactor.

All I can say is that if any of this is true, its going to make for an extremely worthwhile movie.