Christian Bale talks about The Dark Knight Rises

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Christian Bale talked about what it was like to bring The Dark Knight out of the shadows and into the public view of daytime in The Dark Knight Rises.

It was very strange to start with. We had the idea of intimidation and the mystery being successful in the dark. And so it did feel odd to be outside quite so much. But obviously I got used to that. We kinda mad a deal right when we first made Batman Begins; me and Chris said, ‘Let’s just not let people see Batman half-dressed. It’s just not a good idea.’ Batman should be Batman and that’s it. He should always be defined and complete and let’s not ruin that experience for people.

“With a crowd that big you can’t really control it completely,” he said when talk turned to the epic battle which sees Batman and the GCPD facing off against Bane and his band of mercenaries on the streets of Gotham. “It’s impossible. Shit’s gonna happen. So I see there’s a wall of guys right there. They’re not meant to be there. Because I’m about to throw this guys there, you know? And I had to kinda go, ‘Do I? Don’t I? Alright they’re up for it…’ I went back and checked on them afterwards and they were all fine. But those are kinda happy accidents which you can’t fake because there really was a guy flying through the air who knocked them all down!”

On the topic of Tom Hardy as Bane, he commented;

“Tom is phenomenal. He’s an extraordinary actor. I I were a director I would want Tom to be in my movies. He knows his shit. But it’s a funny distance that you have in these movies, literally, by being cocooned by a cowl. I don’t truly feel like I’ve worked with Gary Oldman, even though we’ve done three movies together. I don’t really feel like I’ve worked with Gary because I’m here in this darkness ever time. And likewise with Tom, we’re both behind these masks. He’s feeling that isolation as well. It’s a strange feeling. So we agreed after this we’d like to work with each other on something one day!”

In another interview with Rolling Stone Magazine found by;

Ready To Move On

“It was like saying goodbye to an old friend. When you have the opportunity to play a role so many times, you develop another type of relationship with it, a more profound one. But I am ready to move on.”

Nolan Always Planned A Trilogy

“Yes, Chris talked about the sequels the first time he opened his mouth. It didn’t interest me to make more than one Batman, but it came out good and I loved what Chris was doing. We’ve had a lot of fun making these movies.”

What To Expect From The Dark Knight Rises?

“It will explore the pain that Bruce Wayne has been running from and his motivation. His chase after the bad guys in his heroic act and it is something very exciting, however Bruce, the Casanova, is a pure facade, a lie. Only Alfred knows his true self. The time has come to face the pain from the great loss that has always affected his life.”

Who Has The Hardest Role?

“Anne is marvelous, Joseph is phenomenal, and Tom is fantastic. Perhaps the hardest role was that of Anne’s. There are people that think that the role of Catwoman has already been defined previously (by Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns, in 1992). But I’ve always considered her role as the most complicated of all.”

Batman’s Costume

“It was a pain to put on, and once on it was like an oven. It wasn’t comfortable wearing black rubber, but at we mostly filmed at night when it was colder.”

Character’s Popularity From The Realism

“Everything Bruce Wayne gets is believable; a man should be able to do it. Bruce uses perception, psychology, and martial arts. Anyone of us can pull it off.”

Why Did He Take The Role?

“I thought that I could get something new out of the role. I was never interested in the other Batman movies, even though I liked watching the series since I was a kid, but it wasn’t anything special for me. Originally, the first installment was going to a low budget film, and that was the type of project that I wanted to be a part of. Later, it became a huge production and I thought: ‘Oh, S***’. However, when they got Chris as the director, I knew that he would make something a lot more interesting than we had ever seen. People laughed when we told them we were going to take Batman seriously. But when those same people saw the movie, they were left surprised. I am proud of these movies that we have done because, normally, in these massive production, details are lost, and these movies don’t disappoint in that aspect.”

And during another interview with Empire Magazine he touched base on the possibility of making a 4th Batman movie.

“My understanding is that this is the last one. I think it’s appropriate, I think it’s going out at the right time. But…if Chris came to me with a script and said, ‘You know what? There is another story’ then I would love the challenge of making a fourth one work.”



While many would take that statement as confirmation and a possible end of the whole “Nolan is gonna kill off Batman” rumor, I would gladly take whatever movie we get, even if it is the last one.