Square-Enix Asks Fans About Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Since Final Fantasy X came out on the Playstation 2 back in 2001 rumors of a Final Fantasy VII remake were in constant movement.

But it seems recently talks of this possibility have be in full force. Through interviews, tech demos, and even the spin offs, demand for this remake is at an all time high.

The sites The Lifestream and Final Fantasy Union both reported on the news that Square-Enix themselves has been asking fans about the demand of this remake.

They first posted on the Square-Enix Members Twitter account the question of fans opinion of the possible remake, shortly after it was posted the account was immediately flooded with positive replies, in fact there were so many replies that the author asked everyone to stop replying because they got the information they needed.

Shortly after they posted another question asking fans about a remake of Final Fantasy VIII, and to my understanding (I may have translated it wrong) what changes fans would want to the possible remakes.

While this may just be Square-Enix teasing its fans, it is interesting to note that this is the first time they have gone out of there way to ask the fans if they wanted something. Maybe it was to see if making these games would be cost effective? For now we just get to add this to the long list of evidence/rumors that point to this game being made.