Live-Action Vampire Hunter D Movie in the Works

In the latest (January) issue of the horror fan magazine Rue Morgue, an interview the magazine conducted with Hideyuki Kikuchi, author of the Vampire Hunter D movies (and novels) where he confirmed that he’s currently working on a new live-action movie and also on a new anime based on the hit series of his creation.

“Not one to rest on his laurels, the 60-year-old author is busy working on a [Vampire Hunter D] live-action film with the producer of the Biohazard video game (a.k.a. Resident Evil in North America), writing a new novel about vampires, entitled Yashakiden, and planning a new VHD anime series in Japan.”

While I admit being a huge fan of the movies, I am a bit weary about the prospect of a live action movie. For starters so far I haven’t seen one live action adaptation even come close to the source material. We had Speed Racer, which although was very accurate to the material didn’t work well as a movie, We’ve had Casshern, which I admit being one of the better adaptations (but it was made in japan) but was so different from its material you could hardly call it an adaptation, and most recently we got to see the live action adaptation of Blood the Last Vampire, which was decent, but the special effects were extremely lacking for a movie like that.

So before I jump for joy with this news, or news of any other live-action movie based on an anime, I will have to wait for more news and see what happens with this one.