Is Robert Buckley Playing Captain America?

While this may not seem like the newest of rumors right now, I do think it may be note worthy. I first heard this rumor last week from the site but the article they wrote was quickly taken down for some reason.

According to their original article one of their trusted sources in Hollywood tipped them off to Robert Buckley, a 6’2 former model and cast member of One Tree Hill, was indeed in line for the role, and may have already been cast as Steve Rogers (AKA Captain America).

While other sites are claiming this as just a rumor (which I admit I am as well), I do find it interesting that the site that first broke the news had to have it taken down within a couple hours of its posting, and for a site that typically just posts “UPDATED” , “FALSE”, or “RUMOR” in bold red in the headline instead of removing an article completely, I find it a little more noteworthy than the average rumor. But until we have actual confirmation I do suggest all fans take the information with a grain of salt.