“The Flash: Pursuit of Justice” Announced, Crowdfunding Begins

Following the success of the award winning fan-film The Flash: Test Run, writer and producer Ben Feldman has announced that The Flash: Pursuit of Justice is on it’s way. A campaign to help fund the highly anticipated fan film is now live. The project will take inspiration from The CW’s The Flash and Joshua Williamson’s iconic storyline Lightning Strikes Twice while adding in some elements of their own into the story.

The official synopsis for The Flash: Pursuit of Justices reads:

After a devastating Speedforce storm rocks Central City, Barry Allen, aka The Flash, must lead a new team of Speedsters — assisted by newly powered Dr. Meena Dhawan and Detective August Heart — to protect their city. But as sinister echoes from Barry’s past resurface and a nefarious new enemy threatens to steal their speed, The Flash and his team must combine their
strengths in a high-speed hattle for survival. Will they he able to keep Central City safe, or will it fall
at the hands of Godspeed?

A campaign with the goal of $30,000 has begun to help fund the project and bring this amazing story to life. The campaign, which sits at $1,880 at the time of writing, offers numerous perks to those who choose to contribute to the project. Some of those perks include:

  • A virtual speaking role
  • Executive Producer credit
  • In-person cameo
  • Early access to part of the film
  • A copy of the script
  • Name in the credits + IMDB

This project is nonprofit and all proceeds will go directly into making the fan-film the best it can be. You can see exactly where all donations will go in the image below:

Feldman and his crew want to make the quality of this project the best it can possibly be and with that they need your help. For more information, and in you’re interested in donating to this amazing project, click here.

You can watch The Flash: Test Run prologue below: