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The Daily Planet is open for business!

Gunn has announced new castings for The Daily Planet reporters in his upcoming ‘Superman’ film!

James Gunn‘s Superman movie is right around the corner, looking to premier in theaters July 11, 2025 (almost a year away). Fans can expect scenes in Smallville, Metropolis, and of course, The Daily Planet! The Daily Planet is the workplace of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, but those aren’t the only names of the Planet reporters in DC Comics, and Gunn has recently revealed some of the new cast members! Beck Bennett will be playing the Planet’s Steve Lombard, a sports journalist, along with Christopher MacDonald playing Ron Troupe, another Planet reporter. Mikaela Hoover will be playing the fabulous reporter Cat Grant to top it off.

DC fans can be excited about this because it says a couple of things about the upcoming film. First, Gunn knows his comics and is looking to have B and C list characters featured in the film. He’s going for some deeper cuts than just using your household DC names. Second, this seems to imply that The Daily Planet will be more than a small part of the story. By adding these characters into the film it points to the newsroom being a place for character development and relationships to build. While the Planet didn’t seem to have a huge role in the DCEU (granted more may have been done if it hadn’t ended) it seems that it will in the upcoming DCU.

The Daily Planet reporter
The Daily Planet Reporter

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