Hero Fiennes Tiffin

Guy Ritchie to Produce and Direct ‘Young Sherlock’ Series

A New Game is Afoot!

Guy Ritchie is set to produce and direct a Young Sherlock series consisting of eight episodes for Amazon Prime.

According to comicbook.com the director of Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows will return to the world of the greatest detective. The new series will explore the early days of a young Holmes and is describe as an “action packed origin story”. Hero Fiennes Tiffi is to play Young Sherlock and will lead the 8 episode series on Amazon Prime.

The last outing Ritchie had with Holmes was back in 2011. Robert Downey Jr played the character in both of Ritchie’s movies with Jude Law accompanying him as Dr. John Watson. It’s unknown if either actor will return to their roles for this series. It’s possible though that they could appear and act as bookends to each episode. In a similar way to the framing of ‘The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles’. So far, a third sequel to the Sherlock Holmes film franchise has failed to get off the ground.

The Young Holmes show will be based on a series of books by Andy Lane. Young Sherlock Holmes was first published in 2010 and thus far eight books in the series have been released. According to Amazon Prime Young Sherlock “will be an irreverent, action-packed origin story of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s beloved detective in an explosive re-imagining of this iconic character.”

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time we’ve had a prequel to the Holmesian canon. In 1985 we got the mystery adventure movie Young Sherlock Holmes starring Nicholas Rowe. We can expect this Amazon series to be vastly different though.

Here is a little taste of what we can expect from the series from Amazon Prime.

At age 19, Sherlock Holmes is disgraced, raw, unfiltered, and unformed, when he finds himself caught up in a murder mystery at Oxford University which threatens his freedom. Diving into his first-ever case with a wild lack of discipline, Sherlock manages to unravel a globe-trotting conspiracy that will change his life forever.

Hero Fiennes Tiffin most recently appeared in Guy Ritchie’s The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. Released back in April of this year, the film is now currently available to stream.