marvel the fantastic four cast poster

Marvel’s First Family Assembles: Cast and Release Date for ‘The Fantastic Four’ unveiled

4 heroes. 1 family. Marvel’s ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot is stretching into theaters July 2025.

In a surprise announcement on Valentine’s Day, Marvel Studios has revealed the cast for its upcoming film, The Fantastic Four. Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Joseph Quinn, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach will embody the roles of Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm, respectively.

Disney has also reshuffled its release calendar, setting The Fantastic Four for a July 25, 2025 debut, swapping places with Thunderbolts. It will also be two weeks after the release of Superman: Legacy.

Interestingly, the first posters for the film have a distinctly 1960s aesthetic. This stylistic choice could be a mere homage to the era that birthed these characters, or it may hint at the movie’s setting. If The Fantastic Four is a period piece, then perhaps they would join Captain Marvel and Captain America as being one of the first Avengers.

Under the direction of Matt Shakman, known for his work on WandaVision, and a screenplay crafted by Josh Friedman, Jeff Kaplan, and Ian Springer, the film promises to be a cinematic event that both honors the legacy of the characters and propels them into the future of the MCU.

Born from the boundless imagination of Stan ‘The Man’ Lee and Jack ‘King’ Kirby, this team was imagined not just as a group of heroes but as a family, fiercely forged in the cosmic kiln of destiny. After coming into contact with cosmic radiation on a space expedition gone wrong, they each gained peculiar powers. Mr. Fantastic’s elastic capabilities, the Invisible Woman with light manipulation, the Human Torch’s fiery flight, and the Thing’s rock-solid strength.

Traditionally, their arch-nemesis has been the diabolical Doctor Doom, though no confirmation or casting announcements have been made in that regard. However, with Jonathan Majors‘ departure as Kang the Conqueror, rumors are circulating that Doctor Doom could be positioned as the next overarching antagonist in the MCU’s next phase.