Journey to Oz with this spellbinding ‘Wicked’ teaser trailer

Get ready to defy gravity with the teaser trailer for ‘Wicked: Part One’, adapting the beloved Broadway musical to the big screen.

Something that is always exciting about the ‘Big Game’ isn’t the action of two teams tussling it out. No, the new movie trailers are a significant player that gets people to tune in these days. And this year’s crop dropped a big surprise into audiences laps.

After years of speculation and discussion, Wicked, one of the most celebrated Broadway musicals of the 21st century, is taking off to the big screen. The trailer for Part 1 landed during the commercial breaks in the first quarter, showing off director Jon M. Chu’s vision of Oz.

Everything about the movie looks wonderful, from the scenery and costumes to a fully realized superstar cast. Cynthia Erivo puts on the pointed hat of Elphaba, Ariana Grande will float through as Glinda, with Michelle Yeoh as Madame Morrible and Jeff Goldblum as the Wizard of Oz.

Please bear in mind, dear readers, that this was only a teaser trailer, and though it did contain snippets of Cynthia belting out one of the show’s dynamite numbers, ‘Defying Gravity,’ we still have a ways off until the release date.

So, until then, fellow lovers of Broadway and movie maniacs, dust off your copies of the soundtrack, grab your brooms and silver slippers, and let’s get ready to fly away again to the land of Oz.

Wicked: Part One will soar to theaters on November 27, 2024.