Digital Lizards of Doom: Lava or Licorice

The creators of the graphic novel series Digital Lizards of Doom present Lava or Licorice!

DJ Vinnie Volcano welcomes you!

Digital Lizards of Doom: Lava or Licorice from Mad Cave Studios and Papercutz

The creators of the graphic novel series Digital Lizards of Doom, Gabriel Valentin, Dan Brozo, Trevor Barber and Ryan Joseph present a brand new, fun, comedic and educational puppet game show made for kids. Created to tie into the highly anticipated Digital Lizards of Doom: Level 1: Dizzy Doom (Papercutz; December 5th, 2023), Lava or Licorice is an episodic show releasing on YouTube Kids and TikTok, with an average runtime of around 2-4 minutes.

The story of Lava or Licorice takes place on a faraway tropical beach-like planet in a quiet corner of the Digital Lizards of Doom universe, where DJ Vinnie Volcano welcomes you to watch a game show inside his “belly of flaming fire!” He is joined by Pineapple Pete, a cheeky trickster demon, who is up to no good! He’s trapped several of the show’s other characters – Dizzy Doom, Dana Deathly, and Commander EKO in jail cells hanging precariously over some hot, molten lava! Oh no! (Oh wait, this isn’t lava at all, this is pizza sauce?!)

According to Pineapple Pete, the rules of the mission are to answer questions – get an answer right and collect a licorice point, get an answer wrong and get the lava! Gain 5 licorice points to win your freedom! Do you think our contestants will ever earn their freedom?!

The Cultured Nerd Podcast – Digital Lizards Of Doom: Lava Or Licorice – Special Cast & Crew Episode

The Cultured Nerd Podcast released a special episode where Gabriel, Trevor, Dan and Ryan joined Taylor and Michael to talk about the new show, the history behind the puppets, the BTS of the show, such as the musical influences and where all of their ideas come from, along with how the strikes in Hollywood may affected production, and of course the incredible voice cast attached.

The cast of Digital Lizards of Doom: Lava or Licorice includes some phenomenal names:

  • Ray Porter from Zack Snyder’s Justice League as Commander EKO
  • Alexa House from Power Rangers: Shattered Past as Pineapple Pete
  • Amber Grayson from Angel Mountain
  • DJ EFN from Warner Music Group’s Drink Champs
  • And Dan Brozo, writer and producer for Digital Lizards of Doom as Dizzy Doom

You can watch the episodes on the Digital Lizards of Doom YouTube Channel. The first episode is out now!

Digital Lizards of Doom Level 1: Dizzy Doom is available for pre-order here.

Digital Lizards of Doom Level 1: Dizzy Doom by Gabriel Valentin. Illustrated by Ernie Najera

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