“Pokemon GO” Introduces Team Rocket’s Jessie and James to the Game

In a special limited-time event, you’ll be able to find and battle the legendary duo of Jessie and James from Team Rocket in Pokemon GO.

The event is now live and will take place July 10th to July 15th. You can find Jessie and James almost anywhere in the game. To battle them, all you have to do is to tap on the iconic hot air balloon that’s shaped like a Meowth. You can battle both of them or just one and come back to the other at a later time.

The difficulty of the battle won’t be too challenging, as battling them would be just like battling a normal member of Team Rocket. If you manage to defeat them, you’ll be rewarded with a chance to catch a Shadow Ekans or a Shadow Koffing depending on who you battle. It’s also worth noting that those Pokemon have a chance at being a shiny. With Pokemon GO having another Team Rocket invasion on Sunday, that will be your best opportunity to battle the iconic duo.

Below you can check out the official trailer for Jessie and James in Pokemon GO:

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Sources: GameInformer and EuroGamer

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