Everything the “Marvel’s Avengers” Beta Has to Offer

Marvel has recently released a comprehensive video showing off what early-access players can get from the beta of “Marvel’s Avengers.”

Marvel has recently released a comprehensive video showing off what early-access players can get from the beta of Marvel’s Avengers. In the video, they revealed some insight into the game’s mechanics, levels, and even some collectibles. Here’s what they showed off:

The Characters

The beta is letting players use four different characters: Black Widow, Hulk, Kamala Khan, and Iron Man will all be playable. There will be 20 missions to use these heroes in for just the beta alone.

Story Levels

The beta gives players access to four levels from different points and locations in the story campaign. The levels give players a good variety of locations, characters, and bosses.

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the earliest levels in the game. It includes tons of traversal portions and combat sections. The level even has a boss battle against Taskmaster. The level will help players get acquainted with each of the playable characters’ movement type, special moves, and combo attacks.

The next level is in a forest environment in the American Pacific Northwest. This level has you play as Bruce Banner/Hulk and Kamala Khan. The two will be searching for the Olympia archive at an A.I.M. base in search of J.A.R.V.I.S. This level is said to showcase the Hulk’s “destructive capabilities.” While not said, it’s safe to assume this is where the boss fight with Abomination will take place, given Hulk’s look is the same as it is in the level and in the boss fight.

The next mission has Hulk and Kamala go to the Russian Tundra called Missing Links. The pair are trying to infiltrate an old S.H.I.E.L.D. bunker to uncover hidden secrets. The snow environment has some very wide open sections to test out Hulk’s jumping mechanics, it seems.

The trailer also confirms Kamala Khan will be at the center of the story. Her story will see her fight against A.I.M. and work to reassemble the Avengers after the A-Day disaster.

H.A.R.M. (Holographic Augmented Reality Machine)

The H.A.R.M. rooms see players fight against waves and waves of enemies for high scores and gear. These virtual training rooms let players fight solo, with companion A.I., or with three other players. The intention of the H.A.R.M. rooms are to let players get used to and skilled with different heroes’ playstyles and special abilities before testing those skills in three different challenges.

War Zones

War Zones are areas where players can battle different enemies and find all kinds of unlockables. Among these unlockables are rewards like gear and most notably, comic books. The enemy types range from normal enemies to difficult robotic foes.

Drop Zones

Drop Zones are essentially more compact versions of War Zones. They’re designed for quick fun and grinding for gear in the full game. It’s said they take a short amount of time to complete as they only have one objective.


Progression has been nerfed for the beta and will fully open up once the full game is released. For each hero, you can begin unlocking one of three respective skill trees. The beta also touches on Ultimates ,which are basically enhanced modes for the heroes, citing Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor as an example.


The A.I. companions were showcased as having YOUR skills and abilities for each respective character. For example, if you unlock a skill for Hulk and you later play as Iron Man, that A.I. Hulk can use the ability you unlocked earlier. There’s also a level of deeper party customization so you can give the A.I. the right skills for a team that works best for you.

Marvel’s Avengers Beta is open August 21-23. The full game is set to release on September 4, 2020.