Be Excellent This June 9th, Bill and Ted Style

A guide to having fun the Bill and Ted way for this year’s Bill and Ted Day.
Bill and Ted Day Logo from the Facebook Event

Bill and Ted are a pair of pop culture icons. Their outrageous catchphrases and epic adventures throughout time are known to generations, and the two bright stars who played these radical dudes, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, are legends in their own right.

Bill and Ted partying on.

This year Bill and Ted Day falls on Tuesday (6/9), so whether you are working or staying home due to the coronavirus, there is still ample opportunity to take part.

According to the official Facebook event, these are the following ways one can celebrate this most bodacious holiday:

• Be excellent to someone.
• Watch the movies.
• Listen to the soundtracks.
• Recommend the movies to a friend who you think may want to see them.
• Wear Bill & Ted-themed clothing.
• Post your favorite quotes on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags #BillAndTed & #BillAndTedDay, and tag @BillAndTed3.
• Post photos on Instagram of how you’re celebrating the day with the hashtags #BillAndTed & #BillAndTedDay, and tag @BillAndTed3.
• Post your fan art on this page.
• Post your Bill & Ted cosplay on this page.
• Post photos on this page of how you’re celebrating the day.
• Post photos of your Bill & Ted memorabilia on this page.
• Call someone “dude.”.
• Spend a moment playing air guitar.
• Recite some lyrics.
• Change your profile picture on social media to anything Bill & Ted-related, with mention of it being for Bill & Ted Day.
• If you work with a TV or radio station, video channel, website, blog or podcast and will be mentioning it, share it on the Facebook event page!

Mark sure to mark your calendars, crank the stereo, and get ready to have fun the way Bill and Ted would want us all to have fun. Party on, everyone!