Blizzard releases an announcement trailer for Diablo IV

The legendary Lilith has returned to Sanctuary to plunge the world into darkness.

Blizzard has released a cinematic giving us a glimpse of what lies in store for us when Diablo IV releases.

The announcement trailer, a full 9 minute CGI video starting a church in a sleepy town by a mountainside, and one person saying to another to shut up as monstrous screeching can be heard getting louder. 3 men fight off hoardes of enemies as another, injured person tries to get through a door requiring the blood of 3 willing people to open.

“No… I… I just … came for knowledge”

The cinematic then moves on to show a seemingly new character to the franchise – a bald, greyish-blue skinned man who works for the game’s main villain Lilith. He appears to have some power over the injured man, and tells him that all the knowledge he seeks is here, to surrender and call ‘her’ home.

“We call thee home.”

And so, emerging from a portal made from the blood of the willing comes the antagonist. She is referred to as ‘Daughter of hatred’, ‘Creator of Sanctuary’ and by her name; Lilith. The very blood portal she entered the world in becomes her cape.

“Blessed Mother … save us.”

The official description of the trailer:

“Diablo IV takes place many years after the events of Diablo III, after millions have been slaughtered by the actions of the High Heavens and Burning Hells alike. In the vacuum of power, a legendary name resurfaces.”

No release date has been set for Diablo IV by Blizzard yet, but it will release on PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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