Zack Snyder just revealed that the Martian Manhunter was in the DCEU the entire time

Zack Snyder took to Vero to show off a storyboard image that is taking the internet by storm

Zack Snyder has recently revealed that another important member of the Justice league would have made an appearance in the original snyder cut of the 2017 Justice League movie. The character General Swanwick played by Harry Lennix, first introduced in 2012’s Man of Steel, would have been none other than the martian J’onn J’onzz himself.

Snyder has revealed on his personal Vero accout that not only had he already done the storyboarding for the sequence, but that he had even filmed everything but the final shot of actor Harry Lennix.

In the past actor Harry Lennix met fans with agreement in the longtime fancasting of his character General Swanwick as being The Martian Manhunter / J’onn J’onzz in disguise since his first appearance in 2012’s Man of Steel, and it seems Zack Snyder loved the idea so much that he even intended it to become a reality. The sequence in Justice League showed Martha Kent visiting Lois Lane at her apartment for a cup of coffee. Lois is still deep in her grieving and depression over the loss of Clark, and in this sequence Martha ( J’onn J’onzz in disguise) would offer her words of comfort and sympathy. After leaving the apartment we would see the reveal as he transforms into his normal martian form, shed a tear, and then turn into General Swanwick before departing the building.

There is no doubt the snyder cut of Justice League must be loaded with content that never made it to the final film. And fans everywhere are unanimous, release the Snydercut! Would you have liked to have seen Martian Manhunter? Sound off below.