Rebel Forces, avert your eyes, everyone else, watch this Anime ode to the Empire.



It’s no secret that I, and many of my fellow writers at TCN, can count ourselves among the infinite fleet of Nerds that love Star Wars. And it’s these nerds/geeks that bring us an endless stream of fan art. Some of this art can be consumed by the masses, some shouldn’t be seen by anyone, but it takes something awesome for me to sit and write that you “need” to see this.

Earlier this week, Paul Johnson gave us access to his 4 year labor of love, Star Wars: Tie Fighter. Now to be clear, I’m not an anime buff, so I can only compare it to ’80’s Voltron/Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon, but it is great from start to finish. I also didn’t play the 1994 Tie Fighter game this is based on but you can click on this link to go further in depth at his attention to detail. I risk building this up too much if I talk anymore, so I’ll drop the clip below for you to watch. Last thing, if the name didn’t give it away, this doesn’t end well for the Rebel Alliance.