Fantastic Four pics show us the Invisible Woman and more


Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four is finally working to build hype for its August 7th release. Four new stills have been released through Empire Online showing us the Invisible Woman and The Human Torch in costume, Mister Fantastic and Harvey Elder (Mole Man!), and a pre-transformation Ben Grimm. Check them out below!





Fantastic Four¬†eschews space travel as the catalyst for the team’s superpowers and instead focuses on inter-dimensional travel. This could lead to all kinds of insanity in the sequels if we’re lucky. Taking on a darker tone than the 2005 version, Chronicle director Trank promises a film inspired by the comics without taking a specific story line from any single narrative. It stars Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic, Kate Mara as The Invisible Woman, Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch, Jamie Bell as The Thing, and Toby Kebbell as Victor Domashev/Doctor Doom.

Looks for the Fantastic Four in theaters August 7th.