Omori: Crowd-funded retro psychological horror


I recently found out about a nifty little game, based on the work of freelance illustrator OMOCAT. The game features you as a “depressed otaku” character who lives in a blank white space, and must discover the world on both old planes and new. The Kickstarter has been fully funded, although I was unable to uncover any potential release dates. Creators say the game will hold more psychological horror than the traditional gore and shock we’ve seen a lot of lately.

The RPG promises┬áretro, turn-based RPG gameplay with some disturbing themes thrown in. A quick glance through the game site’s gallery shows a bit of its dark side:

The game is currently being developed for PC, Mac, and Nintendo 3DS. We don’t know much more about this little gem, but I’m anxious for updates.

Check out the gameplay trailer below:

“The truth is…

Your story is already over.
You just have to remember it.”