Amazon Japan is Selling A Million Dollar Robot Mech Suit

You might need to sit down for this.

If you have one million dollars sitting pretty in your bank account (plus some change for shipping), you can become the ultimate nerd and own your own robot mech suit.

Amazon Japan is now selling the starter kit for the “Kuratas” robot. This beauty weighs five tons, is twelve and half feet tall, comes with its own BB Gatling guns that can fire six thousand rounds per minute, and you can get in and drive the damn thing! It can only roll along at a tad over six miles an hour, but it is a robot suit.

As it is a starter kit, the forearms must be ordered separately, but what millionaire really wants an armless robot? It wouldn’t be that intimidating.


The notes on the Amazon listing mention that while “safety and comfort is not guaranteed…you can guarantee the dream of mankind”. Safety and comfort or having a robot and achieving the dream of mankind…hmm…decisions, decisions.

It may be a long while before most of us nerds will have the money to purchase such a thing, but at least we can drool over it.

You can check out the detail page for the Mech Monstrosity here.

Also note: the Kuratas is available to be gift-wrapped–just something to think about.


Source: Amazon Japan