Marvel and Netflix reveal the first official photos of Daredevil


Attendees at last nights New York Comic Con were fortunate enough to witness the first footage from Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming Daredevil TV series, and shortly after its airing, Marvel revealed multiple stills from the shows production.




Now before anyone freaks out or creates an internet uproar, this shot of Matt Murdock is costume is a pre-Daredevil vigilante attire, very similar to the one used in the early 90s origin story told by Frank Miller.

Along with the sills, as mentioned before, fans where able to see the first footage of the series at last nights Comic Con presentation.

Thanks to IGN for the detailed description:


It begins with Karen Page coming to her apartment on a rainy night. The door’s ajar and all the lights are out. She enters gingerly, noticing blood stain on the floor. Understandably panicked, she reaches up into a vent to retrieve a cell phone stashed inside. As she turns to hightail it out of there, a man steps out from the shadows. It’s Wesley who proceeds to throw her into the wall a couple of times, knocking her for a loop. He retrieves the phone she dropped in the struggle, whips out a switch blade and approaches her for the kill.

That’s when we see Matt Murdock — dressed in his black pro to-Daredevil suit straight out of Man Without Fear — enter and immediately start brawling with Wesley. The fight is incredibly brutal and vicious, very much like the hand-to-hand combat scene in the Bourne films or the recent Bond movies. The sounds of punches, knife slashes, grunts, and damage act as the soundtrack. Matt and Wesley’s brawl leads to them crashing out of the window together and down to the alley below. Matt tries to get up but he passes out face down on the road as the rain drenches him.

At the end of the panel, they showed us an extended version of this scene that fades to Matt dreaming of himself as a little boy sitting in the kitchen of his apartment with his dad, Battlin’ Jack Murdock. He tells his tired son to keep up his studies so he doesn’t end up like him. “I never studied. Look at how I turned out,” said Jack, immediately noticing the sad look on his blind son’s face. He takes the boy’s hands and lets him feel the lumps and wounds on his battered face. “Come on, Matty. Get to work,” said Jack and the scene cuts back to Daredevil waking up in alley just as Wesley attacks him with his knife. A brutal brawl in the rain ensues, ending with Matt wrapping Wesley up in a chain he’d heard jangling. Matt retrieves Karen’s phone off Wesley just as Karen shows up, shocked at this black-clad rescuer. Daredevil tells Karen he will take this phone and the data on it to people who can help, but she pleads for him not to take it to police because no one can be trusted.

The next scene showed Matt waking Matt waking up on Claire’s couch, his mask removed. (He refers to his costume as “a work in progress.”) She’d found him in a dumpster. He is injured (three broken ribs, a puncture wound on his side, and probable concussion). He’s not happy that she’s seen his face, but asks her why she didn’t just call the police. She said has her own reasons for not calling cops. Not getting much in the way of useful information from Matt about who he is, she nicknames him Mike because he reminds her of an ex who kept secrets. She’ll let him rest there for the night.

The next clip showed Wilson Fisk at an art gallery where he first meets Vanessa, the woman who will one day become his wife. He’s staring at white painting, his hulking frame and bald dome seen from behind as Vanessa approaches him. She tries making small talk with him (it appears it’s her art gallery or she works there). Fisk seems agitated not by her but by the painting. She asked him what he sees in the painting, how it makes him feel. “It makes me feel alone,” Fisk replied, far more vulnerable than you could ever expect from this legendary villain. Marvel’s Daredevil would seem to be as much Fisk’s origin if you will as Murdock’s as a vigilante.

We then saw a scene set at Matt and Foggy’s fledgling law office. Karen’s made them dinner as a thank you for getting her out of trouble. They said they will bill her as soon they figure out to make bills. She said the meal was her grandma’s recipe and she said she’s only ever make it for her future husband, which causes a look to cross Matt’s face. She says thanks for saving her, and Foggy replies that she should really thank that “nut in a mask.” It seems like no one knows Matt’s secret identity just yet.

Marvel’s Daredevil hits Netflix in 2015.