[TCN Guest Submission] Tekken 7 Announced


Written By: Thomas Nguyen

Due to recent rumors and a leaked trailer, Bandai Namco announced Tekken 7 with an official trailer. Not much to say at the current moment, but the subject of the video is “The Final Battle” which could mean the last canon game of the series.

Following up after Jin Kazama’s attempt of world domination, this Tekken can go off on any topic addressed from other Tekken games. According to the story in six, Jin caused worldly chaos that made the forgotten beast Azreal appear (Azreal appears every so often due to heavy war or conflict in the world). After Azreal appeared, Jin’s ambition was to end the life of the beast and to make the world safe.

The Four Mishimas

The Tekken story is known for the constant struggle within the Mishimas. Kazuya and Heihachi have been at war since the first game and this could be the last war they will ever have. Tekken 7 could introduce Heihachi’s wife, Kazumi as a playable character due to her being a big part of the trailer.

With no set date, be sure that people will be hype over it and will talk about it even after being released. Bandai Namco confirms we will have more information at the July 25th Comic-Con. Check out the trailer below!

[youtube id=”XGhz1JqqnIg” width=”600″ height=”350″]