[SDCC14] New Trailer for CONSTANTINE; DC confirms “Papa Midnite” and other DC occult characters for Season 1


San Diego Comic Con has proven to be a big deal for DC Comic fans. With the countless reveals coming from Arrow, Flash, Wonder Woman, and even the cinematic footage reveal from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, DC fans have left this years convention happy and satisfied.

But for all the excitement surrounding the core DC characters, many forgot that DC’s Occult universe also saw some love. NBC’s Constantine not only recieved a brand new trailer, but some new details about how deep into the DC rabbit hole the producing staff plan to take John.

First things first, check out the trailer below:


Along with the trailer, IGN TV that Papa Midnite and the Newcastle Crew will both be in the shows first season, along with several other infamous DC Occult characters.

“I’m sure many of you saw the Doctor Fate helmet [in the pilot], and that was a clear indicator of our intentions.”

With a promise like that, many will automatically think back to the last time he interviewed about this show and his reveal that they “have access to the occult corner of the DC universe,” and what that could potentially mean for the show.

So will we see Zatana? Will we see Deadman? What about the Spectre or Etrigan the Demon? The possibilities are vast and endless at this point, but its not hard to to feel like DC has a lot of exciting things planned for this show.

CONSTANTINE is set to debut on NBC on October 24th, 2014 at 10/9c.