[Rumor] Mr. Zsasz, Morgan Edge, David Cain, and Amanda Waller all set for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

zsaz cain waller


In a recent report from Latino-Review, their infamous El Mayimbe has revealed an exclusive that the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will feature a another handful more of DC Characters being thrown into the mix.

The revealed characters are none other than Mr. Zsasz, Morgan Edge, David Cain, and Amanda Waller.

With each character holding significance to either hero in their own regard, the biggest players among this list are easily likely to be Morgan Edge and Amanda Waller. With rumors pointing that Mr Zsasz is going to be set up as a throwaway villian, being poised as an intro scene for Batman, other rumors are pointing to Edge working with Lex Luthor as his right hand man, eventually hiring David Cain to assassinate a character in the film, and Amanda Waller being the big bad Government agent, who is extremely distrusting of the heroes and in the comics goes out of her way to set up government run teams to combat the heroes.

The biggest takeaway that has caused the most chatter among this list is the inclusion of Amanda Waller. With the character already having 3 previous live-action appearances (Smallville, Green Lantern, and most recently Arrow), the biggest question is will this film feature a new Waller, or will they revert to one of the previously cast women?

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is currently set for a May 6th, 2016 release date.