[Rumor] Jason Todd, Kyle Rayner, & Carrie Kelley In BATMAN v SUPERMAN: Dawn Of Justice

todd kelley rayner


Following the news that Mr. Zsasz, Morgan Edge, David Cain, and Amanda Waller would be appearing in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, the site BadassDigest has revealed that not only will the film be packed with DC characters, but the film itself will feature cameos from Jason Todd, Kyle Rayner, and Carrie Kelley.

The site claims that this information was revealed by a mysterious “.pdf” that leaked online containing the full script of the film, but even they have their doubts.

“LIke I said, I’m on the fence about the legitimacy of this script. I trust El Mayimbe’s network and the other information he has beyond this script, but something about the actual script itself – whether it be the errors or the cascading fan-service (Kord Industries, Jason Todd, a Shuster Street in Metropolis, Kyle Rayner, Carrie Kelley, Thanagar, mentioning Hob’s Bay, the President is named Diane Nelson, who just happens to be the president of DC Entertainment) or the fact that tonally it is nothing like Man of Steel  (Themyscira has an embassy in Metropolis!) forces me to remain humbly skeptical. If this is the script then Warner Bros has learned some lessons from their last couple of movies, although I worry the sheer weight of fan service in this script could crush the film.”

While the true validity of this “script” has yet to be seen, but the idea that not only will Batman be referencing Jason Todd and likely a small cameo of The Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller’s Graphic Novel) Carrie Kelley, the inclusion of a different Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, than we previously saw on film is a bold choice.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is currently set for a May 6th, 2016 release date.