[Rewind Review] Unorthodox (Snow Tha Product album)


I am back with another edition of the “Rewind Review,” and again I am going to reach back into the dark closets of the Internet and brush off another long forgotten gem. This week’s diamond in the rough is “Unorthodox” by Snow tha Product.

For most of its life, rap has been a boys club. Whether this was a conscious effort by record labels or just how the industry played out, it has been a manner of debate with every newcomer being added to the mix, and along with the debate, there has been a running stereotype that girls can’t rap.

Snow tha Product has pretty much destroyed that stereotype with this album.

Snow kills track after track on this album. Her rapid-fire, well written rhymes on “Best Mode” and “Unorthodox” show off more swag and put to shame most of the big names in rap today. Over the course the album she shifts seamlessly between Spanish and English. Tracks like “Good Girls” and “I’m all that” have a perfect heavy bass mix, perfect for being played on any dance floor or Top 40 station.

One of the other things that drew me to this album is intermixed with her dance heavy tracks is the wit and depth of her lyrics. “Nothing Nice” tells the story of the aftermath of a murder. The lines in “Drunk Love” are great ode to dysfunctional relationships.

As far as mainstream rap goes I am not the biggest fan. But I have to give credit where credit is due. Snow tha Product has put together an amazing album that showcases her talent. If she keeps putting out albums of like this one, she is going to be a rising star in the hip-hop community.

You can check out the MP3 album here on Amazon.